Untold Scandal

C6398-0009.25 Fri (9:00PM) , 09.26 Sat (6:30PM)

Director: Jeyong Lee

Genre: Drama

Running time: 120mins

Release Date: 10.2.2003


Mi-suk Lee     …     Madam Jo
Do-yeon Jeon    …     Suk
Yong-jun Bae    …     Jo-won
Hyeon-jae Jo    …     Kwon In-ho
So-yeon Lee    …     So-ok


2004 Shanghai International Film Festival – Best Director, Best Music
2004 Grand Bell Awards – Best Costume
2003 Grand Bell Awards – Best New Actor: Yongjun Bae

Still Cuts





Synopsis :

Combining bold erotica, historical detail, and eloquent tragedy, “Untold
Scandal” roots Choderlos de Laclo’s novel “Dangerous Liaisons (Les Liaisons
Dangereuses)” in Korea during the repressive 19th century Chosun Dynasty.
Sexually voracious Lady Cho (Lee Mi-Suk) decides to get revenge on her husband
when he procures the services of a young, virginal concubine, Lee Soh-ok (Lee
So-yeong). She asks Lord Cho-won (Bae Yong-Jun), who is her equally debauched
cousin, to seduce the girl and impregnate her. Cho-won doesn’t consider this as
enough of a challenge. He has his sights set on an honorable young widow, Lady
Sook (Jeon Do-Yeon), nicknamed “The Gate of Chastity.” Lady Cho makes a wager with Jo-won, surrendering herself to him if he succeeds. While Cho-won
struggles to ingratiate himself to Lady Sook, manipulating her handmaiden, and
donating money to her Catholic church, Lady Cho works to get the innocent
Soh-ok in trouble. But things take an unexpected turn when Lord Cho-won begins
to develop genuine feelings for his prey.

Some of contents are excerpted from the official website of the movie.

Watch the trailers~!!


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